Part 4: The future of Universal Health Coverage and how we can achieve it globally

To mark Universal Health Coverage Day on 12th December, we interviewed former CEO of the NHS and Adjunct Professor at IGHI, Sir David Nicholson.

Universal health coverage (UHC) improves how health care is financed and delivered – so it is more accessible, more equitable and more effective.

In the final video of our series below, Sir David talks about how the key to obtaining and maintaining UHC across the world is to get the support required from leadership and politicians in order to make it happen.

He provides examples of countries that are already working towards UHC and addresses how IGHI are contributing towards the UHC system in order to make quality and safe healthcare a reality for all.  This includes our work for the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) forum on Universal Health Coverage, of which Sir David was chair.  The WISH report ‘Delivering Universal Health Coverage: A guide for policy makers’ focuses on how to create a robust, yet accessible framework laying out the key questions that senior policymakers should consider when attempting the implementation of UHC.

IGHI’s work on frugal innovation also allows us to work on low cost, high impact innovations which can be distributed globally and are affordable to all.

Get involved 

To get involved or find out more about Universal Health Coverage Day, visit their website.

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